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AmeriPlan Healthcare Savings

Advocacy - Hospital Advocacy Plus

    Bill Negotiator

  • Your total cumulative medical costs per incident must be at least $1,500.
  • A dedicated Patient Advocate works directly with your healthcare providers (doctor’s office, hospital, etc.) to help reduce the out-of-pocket portion of your medical bills.
  • Prior medical bills can be negotiated. There is a non-refundable flat fee that must be paid before negotiations begin.

    Healthcare Navigator

  • Advisors find local, quality physicians, specialists and surgeons who focus on your unique healthcare needs.
  • Advisors find the lowest price available for medication needs as well as explore assistance program and mail order options
  • Real-time cost estimates for various outpatient procedures are provided.
  • Advisors will schedule primary care and specialist visits, as well as labs, imaging, flu shots appointments and more at your convenience.
  • Advisors can organize the seamless transfer of your medical records between providers
  • Members get help finding assisted living facilities, coordinating home health, Medicare applications, questions and appeals, Medicaid Denials, VA benefits, supplemental insurance and more.

    Surgery Saver

  • Each member has access to an experienced Advisor who researches up to five surgical facilities for non-emergency procedures in your area providing information regarding cost, quality, availability and physician privileges.
  • With Surgery Saver members see an average savings of $13,000. Advisors have found a 66% difference between the highest and lowest quoted surgery costs between facilities.
For more information or to view a video, click here.

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Ancillary - Healthcare Support Services

  • National diagnostic imaging and radiology network that provides discounts of up to 70% on all imaging and radiographic services such as MRI's and Cat-Scans.
  • Substantial discounts on all laboratory services of up to 60% on all lab tests such as lipid panels, blood tests and comprehensive metabolic panels.
  • Discounts of up to 50% on LASIK surgery at a nationwide network of Board Certified Ophthalmologists.
  • Industry leader in providing individuals and families with discounted diabetic testing supplies.

Example of savings on lab services:

Note: Table scrolls left and right
Sample Lab Services Lab Fees Up To** AmeriPlan© Fees AmeriPlan© Savings Up To
Laboratory Fees
Lipid Panel (Cholestrol, HDL, LDL,Triglycerides $93 $45 52%
CBC (Complete Blood Count) $39 $31 21%

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Chiropractic - Body Wellness Care

  • More than 7,500 participating doctors
  • Free initial consultation
  • 50% savings on all exams and diagnostics services
  • 30% savings on treatment and most other services provided by the chiropractor, including massage
  • No Limit on number of visits
  • No Exclusions for pre-existing conditions

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Dental - Nationwide Dentist Network

  • Over 100,000 Dentists
  • No Paperwork
  • No Waiting
  • No Limits On Visits Or Services
  • No Age Restrictions
  • Ongoing Dental Problems Accepted
  • Can Change Dentists Anytime
  • Save on

    • Oral Exams
    • X-Rays
    • Teeth Cleaning
    • Fillings and Crowns
    • Extractions and Root Canals
    • Dentures and Implants
    • Dental Surgery
    • Cosmetic & Orthodontic (braces)

Example of savings on the most utilized dental procedures:

Note: Fees will vary by region!

Sample General Dentists Procedures* Dental Office Fees** Up To AmeriPlan© Fees AmeriPlan© Savings Up To
D0150 - Initial Oral Exam $158 $24 85%
D0120 - Periodic Oral Exam $89 $20 67%
D0210 - Intraoral Complete Series $209 $59 71%
D1110 - Regular Teeth Cleaning (Light Scaling & Polishing) $150 $51 66%
D2140 - 1 Surface Amalgam Filling (Silver Colored) $236 $48 79%
D2330 - 1 Anterior Surface Composite Filling (Tooth Colored) $272 $76 62%
D3310 - Anterior Root Canal (Excluding Final restoration) $1224 $390 68%
D2750 - Porcelain Crown (w/High Noble Metal) $1847 $645 65%
Orthodontic Treatment (Braces*) by general dentists
D8080 - Child (under age 19) $7300 $2555 65%
D8090 - Adult (age 19 and over) $7154 $2647 63%

*Current Dental Terminology © 2024 American Dental Association, All Rights Reserved **National Dental Advisory Service 2022. Different fees may apply in different areas of your state. For the appropiate fees for your area, go to

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Hearing - Network Of Audiologist Specialists

  • A nationwide network of hearing care professionals comprised of top researchers, technology providers and patient practices.
  • Over 1,700 hearing centers and over 14,000 professionals are in our network.
  • No charge for testing and evaluation
  • Save 25% - 40% on hearing services
  • Save 50% on hearing aids, repairs and batteries

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Prescriptions - Participating Pharmacies

  • More than 56,000 participating retail and independant pharmacy locations*
  • Save 10% - 85% on most brand name and generic prescription drugs**
  • Save on over the counter medications.
  • Mail order pharmacy option available

Try Our Pharmacy Discount Prescription Program Lookup Rx Tool »

NOTE: Pharmacy discounts are NOT insurance services or a MediCare Prescription Drug Plan and are NOT intended as a substitute for insurance. *Discounts are available only at participating pharmacies. **You may not receive a savings on some high-volume or maintenance type drugs since these medications may have already been reduced at the pharmacy level.

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TeleHealth - Saves You Time & Money

  • TeleHealth - Like having a doctor in the family
  • Convenient quality care is only a call away
  • Nationwide alternative to in-office doctor visits
  • Includes diagnostic can call one of our doctors for diagnosis and a prescription for as low as $29 per call
  • Informational Medical Consultations are unlimited (by telephone for medical information and general advice)
  • Call a physician, without long waits at the doctor's office
  • Obtain information, recommendations, and prescription medication, when appropriate
  • No enrollment periods, insurance forms, or denials based on pre-existing conditions

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In Office Doctor Visits

  • 10,000 Doctors and Specialists
  • Book an affordable in-person visit, as soon as today, at pre-negotiated in office rates
  • Specialists include Pediatrics, Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Endocrinology plus many more

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Vision - Family Optical Care

  • Over 12,000 Optical Providers
  • Save from 20% to 60% on all frames, lenses, tints, scratch-resistant coatings and ultra-violet protection
  • Save from 10% to 50% on ophthalmology eye exams and LASIK surgery with certain providers in select markets
  • 30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL money-back guarantee on all merchandise
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

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AmeriPlan® Dental Fee Schedule Reference Map

Geographical regions are assigned dental fee schedules, TEAL, RED or LIME.

For the appropriate schedule for your area, go to


Fee Schedule Map

Fees will vary by region.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Plans as low as $19.95 per month


Most plan benefits are available immediately

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